Acquiring an apartment, a home or even an office space is one’s life-long dream. This dream drives him or her to accumulate the required finance slowly and gradually, which is the start of shaping this dream into reality. This relentless pursuit of realizing such a dream can flow from generation to generation. But finally, when the space is purchased, has anyone thought to what extent this “dream” is actually fulfilled?

We know buying an apartment or office space is an important stepping-stone for you and your family; hence we at GREENWOOD have been preparing for just that. Our apartments or Commercial Spaces are completed with the best that modern Dhaka has to offer. From rooftop swimming pools to lush rooftop gardens, terraces and BBQ facilities on rooftop from state-of-the-art gymnasiums to spacious stylish walkways, multilayered parking facilities, prayer rooms and children’s play facilities, you’ll find the solution to your need for stylish urban living with us at GREENWOOD and much more. Show the world you’ve arrived, by owning your own little piece of luxury at GREENWOOD!

Government Works

To know what is the BEST solution, or to build a Multi Purpose Complex without any major FLAW, we have done a thorough market research and collected total 15 halls in Dhaka city including Shena Malancha, Shena Kunja, RAOWA, Shaheen Hall, BAF Falcon Hall, Krishibid Institute Hall, Officers Club, Radisson Blu Water Garden etc. and found some useful data. Due to shortage of time, we are not presenting those here but those information will be submitted to you if we get the job, in shaa Allah.

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