Our objective is to build the BEST Multipurpose Hall, not to impress anyone or to get into any sort of competition but to ensure, ARMY gets the investment return in quickest possible time ensuing its end users FULL SATISFACTION & COMFORT. Value for money will be ensured. To know what is the BEST solution, or to build a Multi Purpose Complex without any major FLAW, we have done a thorough market research and collected total 15 halls in Dhaka city including Shena Malancha, Shena Kunja, RAOWA, Shaheen Hall, BAF Falcon Hall, Krishibid Institute Hall, Officers Club, Radisson Blu Water Garden etc. and found some useful data. Due to shortage of time, we are not presenting those here but those information will be submitted to you if we get the job, in shaa Allah.

Separate traffic entry exit for VIP, Defence & Civilian vehicles.

Spacious green area and multi level green terrace.

Separate lobby for VIP & Defence.

Service block (raw kitchen & store) at suitable location.

Thermal façade design.

Flexible use of space/design (550/750/1500/3110 persons).

Auditorium façade design to ensure minimal interior solutions with maximum durability.

Maximum aesthetical beauty.

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