From The Desk of Managing Director

Incorporated in 2004, GREENWOOD started its pragmatic journey in 2011 probably the darkest phase in the real estate industry in Bangladesh! While many companies started exiting or shifting to other industries from ‘once thriving business’, GREENWOOD with the grace of Almighty Allah, gradually marched forward keeping a vigilant eye on the interest of our valued stakeholders complimenting promised quality and time. Contrary to common belief, it is not ‘Developers money thrust’ that crippled once booming realestate in this country; rather, unskilled labors, Stakeholders sky-high demand, poor supply chain for materials and overall poor economic infrastructure are primary factors that contributed to the downfall of this promising sector in Bangladesh. Alhamdulillah, GREENWOOD is one of few companies that still believes that the industry has huge demand and good business return, because we believe the maxim, ‘if everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn’t thinking’! Daring forward with such goals, GREENWOOD started delivering projects within agreed timeline maintaining ‘as per deed’ quality. With the grace of Allah, these trendsetting objectives gradually opened doors to new projects. Landowners, now a days are more informed, appreciations strengthened our motto more. Then comes the more challenging task, apparently, of delivering the promised. We open our gates for scrutiny and inspection-a rarity in this industry. Once our intention and work become evident, our stakeholders become our partner not our opponent-thus we experience the ‘synergy’ everyone talks about but rarely observed! I pray to Almighty Allah to grant us outright strength to overcome all obstacles and advance GREENWOOD with the same ‘intention’ it has started its journey-‘All should WIN!’ Today, GREENWOOD may not find itself in terms of projects handed over or ongoing, but venture to position itself in top segment of the industry in terms of workmanship and commitment- perfectly align with our slogan ‘Crafting Perfect Standards’.

Muhammad Ibrahim Shami
Managing Director